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Mike Potter
Ballot Statement 2018

I would welcome the honor to serve another term as your representative on the Board of the Open Space Authority. Together we have made great progress in protecting more open lands from willing sellers. Since its creation 25 years ago, more than 22,000 acres of open space, agricultural areas and wildlife preserves have been permanently protected. We have improved our governance, brought greater transparency to our actions and opened more lands to the public. I helped lead the successful effort to pass Measure Q and we are diligently working to achieve each of the benchmarks called out in the ballot measure. The Open Space Authority has an amazing staff and it is an honor for me to help set the policy goals they implement. We have implemented programs and provided grants to bring more students and other diverse residents out to experience nature and see the OSA’s lands.

Mike Potter for Santa Clara Valley
Open Space Authority Board Endorsers

Santa Clara Valley Open Space
Authority Board, District 6

In my career, I have been fortunate to be able to make an impact in this area. I served as a Senior District Staffer for State Senator Byron Sher for 8 ½ years while he was the leading environmental voice in California and nationally. I observed how effective the Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space district was and I took that info and got involved in the OSA first as a member of the CAC and then as an appointed board member in 2003. These were challenging times for OSA, we struggled with lingering litigation while still making key acquisitions.

I was thrilled to be elected Board Chair for 2 years while we developed the contents of Measure Q and I helped to lead the campaign to get it passed with great support form many including the SCCLCV. I worked with business organizations that used to oppose the OSA and secured endorsements from them for Measure Q. I am thrilled with where this organization is now and am very eager to continue our important work.

We are in a growth phase as we celebrate our 25th year. We are working to protect and enhance agriculture in South County. We are hoping to connect wildlife corridors from the Diablo range to the Coast range through the Coyote Valley from willing sellers which would be a huge accomplishment. We are working to be the best and most effective organization we can be by hiring and retaining excellent staff in an increasingly expensive area while maintaining our organizational culture. We need to connect our lands together and open even more of it to the public. We need to live up to everything we said we would do in Measure Q and our original funding measure.
We as an organization, face challenges with the high cost of living in Santa Clara County. We are always working to educate policy makers that are not familiar with us or the issues we care about. We strive to reach out to the diverse community that lives within our jurisdiction to engage with them and ensure they have a great experience with OSA. Climate chage is real and getting more people to live in better harmony with this is also very important not just to OSA but for our planet.


My work experience

  • I have led local government affairs for a local Technology company for the past 8 years.
  • Served as District Director for State Senator Byron Sher and CA Assemblymember Joe Coto (for 15 years combined)
  • Served as a Policy aide for then Supervisor Jim Beall
  • Served on the OSA board from 2003-2010 & 2013-present including 2 years as Chair
  • Helped lead the successful Measure Q ballot measure campaign for Open Space
  • Served as a volunteer for 6 years on the Board of affordable housing group, Community Housing Developers
  • Served as a volunteer member of the Martial Cottle agriculture park Master Plan Committee for 4 years
  • Served as Chairman of the Frontier Village Task Force
  • Member of the San Jose Rotary Club
  • Eagle Scout


  • San Jose State University
    (studied Political Science- Public Administration)
  • West Valley College
  • Archbishop Mitty High School

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Mike Potter | Representative of Open Space Authority Board | Santa Clara Valley

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Mike Potter | Representative of Open Space Authority Board | Santa Clara Valley